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It is our endeavour to attain a leadership position in the water disinfection segment; Aventura has joined hands with De Nora, a world leader in water electro chlorination technology to offer its new range of electro chlorination systems that produces chlorine at significantly lower costs than traditional chlorination products. The hypochlorite produced is below the threshold for hazardous chemical classification, therefore offers complete safety for operator and the population around the installation.

These Electro chlorination systems are encountering wide demand in the domestic as well as overseas markets. Designed in compliance with international quality standard, these Electro chlorinators are valued amongst the clients for their continuous production system. These Electro chlorinators are offered by us as at cost effective prices.

  • Compact yet sturdy and durable design
  • Easy to install in confined spaces
  • Requirement of lesser manpower & human interference
  • More efficient power unit in comparison to conventional chlorinators (switch mode power supply)
  • Weather and corrosion proof battery
  • Weather and corrosion proof battery
  • Less wear & tear and longer life owing to Lesser moving parts
  • For disinfection of drinking water in small to medium water treatment facilities
  • Small waste water, effluent & sewage treatment.
  • Small waste water, effluent & sewage treatment.
  • Water disinfection in small Water parks, Cooling water circuits and Fire water storage tanks.