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Dosing Pumps



  • Auto resetting fuse
  • Double ball NRV with PTFE seals
  • Splash proof enclosure
  • Built in air release valve
  • PTFE diaphragm for longer life
  • Adjustable frequency (upto 400 spm)
  • Compact and lightweight
Optional Advanced Features
  • Level switch interlock
  • External fault relay output
  • 4 to 20 mA input
  • Pulse input facility

Aventura Dosing Pumps

Design Features

  • Robust & Versatile
  • Compatibility
  • Inventory Reduction
  • Reliable
  • Steady Dosing Performance
  • Easy To Install
Industry Focus
  • System Integrators
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Electronics
  • Automobiles
  • Food & Beverages
  • Chemicals
  • Textiles
  • Hospitality

Nuton Dosing Pumps


  • Backlit LCD Display
  • User friendly knob linked with digital display for adjusting dosing frequency
  • Dosing head conveniently located next to front controls for easy maintenance access.
  • Built-in ARV with separate discharge point to prevent chemical spill on hands
  • Double ball NRV
  • Diaphragm made of solid PTFE to ensure maximum life
  • Batch and Interval dosing features