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HPN Tank ultrasonic level sensors
It has been always been a challenge to monitor and manage large volumes of water and valuable liquids stored in tanks and reservoirs located in diverse geographical areas. Aventura provides state-of-the-art solutions through its collaboration with Flowline, USA with ultrasonic non contact level sensor technology.

  • Accurate and reliable sensing method
  • Ideal technology for difficult fluids
  • Sized and priced for most applications
  • Easy to install-simple to use
  • Two-wire ultrasonic transmitter provides non-contact level measurement up to 32.8" or 10m
  • Push button calibrated & ideally suited for challenging ultra pure, corrosive or waste liquids
  • Offered in 3 measurement ranges up to 10m with 2" transducer
  • 6-segment LCD display indicates level in inch or centimeter
  • 3" minimum beam width for applications with restricted space
  • PC/ABS enclosure rated NEMA 4X with rugged PVDF transducer
  • Fail-safe intelligence with diagnostic feedback for easy troubleshooting